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Our Process


Truss Design

With three designers on staff with nearly a century of experience, no project is too complicated for our designers. Our designers always go the extra mile, even visiting job sites to ensure accurate measurements.


Truss Manufacturing

Once the design is complete, now it's time to build. Many of our truss assemblers have been around as long as the business and use their knowledge along with state-of-the-art equipment to build superior trusses with as little as two weeks lead time.


Truss Delivery

Now that the trusses are built, it's time to deliver them. We have two drivers on staff with Class-A CDLs that can get the trusses where you want them, when you want them. Your trusses will be on site in a safe, organized pile so you can do more building and less moving of material.

This is a pictureof house plans used by our designers to design trusses.
This is a truss being built in our shop using our new, state-of-the-art trus manufacturing table.
This is a load of trusses ready to be delivered to a job site. We pride ourseves in timely and safe truss delivery.
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